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Level 2A, Gate J, Forsyth Barr Stadium

130 Anzac Avenue, Dunedin

- A Training space to help you perform better in competition and life

Personal Training

World Fitness offers a variety of Personal Trainers who cover a diverse range of training requirements.

Whether this is your first time in a gym, you aren't achieving the results you desire, you have a specific goal you are working towards or would like to brush up on some techniques, Personal Training is always a good option.


All our trainers offer free consultations and are happy to have a chat about how we can help.

Personal Training isn't for everyone but it might be the right fit for you!

027 784 9373

Isaac Boyes Personal Training

Isaac Boyes

Hi I'm Ginge and the newest trainer here at World Fitness.
I have experience training many types of people with various needs and am genuinely here to help every single one of my clients – including YOU!

027 406 5965

Tenesse Kinghorn Personal Training

Tenesse Kinghorn

Hello there! My name is Tennessee and I am a personal trainer at World Fitness.

I can teach you good habits and identify your barriers and motivators so that you will stick to your routine and more importantly achieve your goals.  In this industry I only succeed when you do.

027 485 9197

Calder Conditioning

Shane Calder

Hi, my name is Shane. I love helping people push themselves and seeing what limits they can reach. I specify in many types of training not limited to strength training, sport specific training, interval/circuit training and exercises targeting muscle gain and fat loss.

027 371 0867

Michael Mitchell

Personal Training

Michael Mitchell

Hello there! My name is Michael and I am a personal trainer at World Fitness.

I have a strong focus on technique and strength training. Using my knowledge to help people strive to reach their goals is really what fuels my passion in the fitness industry.